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It’s Electric is always available. We understand that there are situations that require immediate service after normal business hours and we can be available for you during those times.    It’s Electric has a very wide range of experience across all electrical service categories that allow us to be the best source for your electrical […]


Our Services Include: Preventive Maintenance Programs Predictive Maintenance Duty & Task Analysis Shutdown Planning & Coordination Facility Maintenance   Power Switchboards Switchgear Electrical Distribution Panel Maintenance Motor Control Centers / Motor Controls Preventative Maintenance   Lighting Re-Lamping, Re-Ballasting Fluorescent LED Lighting H.I.D Metal halide & High Pressure Sodium Systems Incandescent Systems Troubleshooting Wiring Control System […]


Electrical Panel Installations & Upgrades The electrical panel is the heart of any electrical system. It distributes power coming into your home through circuits. Each circuit is protected by a breaker. Breakers trip when a circuit draws too much power. It is important that the breaker be the right size for the circuit it protects. […]


Safety at Home According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 40,000 residential fires claim more than 350 lives annually. Electrical fires are most often attributed to problems with electric cords, plugs, lamps, light fixtures, switches or outlets. Help protect yourself and your family from electricity-related injuries. Check your home electrical system for […]